Pastor Kevin Dieckilman PhD.


Kevin Dieckilman

Dr. Kevin Dieckilman is the founding president and CEO of One Heart for Israel, a non-profit religious educational organization (501c3) building bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities around the world.

For seventeen years Kevin has organized and lead study tours to Israel helping people discover first hand the Land of the Bible. Pastor Dieckilman has developed tours for the general public, college students, pastors and military chaplains. He has been involved in archaeological digs throughout Israel and has done extensive study and research in Nazareth and Jerusalem. In cooperation with archaeologists and the Government of Israel, he has developed the first curriculum to be used on Christian college and university campuses on "The History of Israel".  One Heart for Israel hosts speakers in southern California throughout the year from around the world who are experts in their field from historians and archaeologists to scholars and political leaders.


 Kevin has been the senior pastor of Simi Hills Christian Church for the last fifteen years in Simi Valley, Ca. He holds a B.S. in Christian Ministry, MDiv. in Theology, and a PhD in Biblical Archaeology. Dr. Dieckilman is an innovative pastor and teacher using many creative methods to teach and illustrate biblical stories, people and places through video, drama and reproductions. Some of the full size replicas include the carpenter shop of Jesus in Nazareth and all of the furnishings from the wilderness Tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple beginning with The Ark of the Covenant.

Over the past twenty years, he has made many radio and television appearances throughout the world teaching and lecturing. With a passion for world missions he has organized and led Christian mission teams throughout the U.S., Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. Working with churches, he has led construction teams around the world building homes, schools, churches, retreats and medical centers. He has been the project coordinator for over 30 world mission teams administrating the acquisition and transportation of building materials to remote locations all around the world. As a contractor, he worked for a major home builder supervising the construction of master-planned communities building thousands of homes throughout Southern California.

Dr. Dieckilman works with many Jewish organizations such as Stand with Us, Jewish Federation, Israel American Coalition as well as speaking at many Jewish and Christian events throughout Southern California.

Kevin is a member of the Heroin Task Force of Simi Valley California representing the churches of Simi Valley in the war against drugs. He has served on the president’s advisory committee of Hope International University, served as a member of the oversight committee of the North American Christian Convention and is a board member of Strategic Communications. Today he also serves on governing boards of other nonprofit organizations.

He has received many awards including Americans for a Safe Israel Award, Chariots of Salvation Award, and the Medal of Jerusalem Award. He is the author of the soon to be released book “From the Hands of the Carpenter”.

One Heart for Israel works with Christian churches and universities throughout America to educate the Christian, political and secular communities with the truth regarding Israel and strengthen and promote Judeo-Christian values.